You can expect great things from us
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reliable, fast
and professional service

Shachar Friling & Co. consistently maintains a leading position in providing to its clients, reliable, fast and professional service.

The firm believes that, in the reality in which we live today, when there are far-reaching developments in accounting standards around the world and the country, changes in taxation and changes in the business surrounding, it is of the highest importance, to keep the constant and ongoing contact with the External Auditors and business consultants.

Business Consulting

The firm believes that a successful entrepreneurship is a risk-taking entrepreneurship, but risks should be mostly calculated risks, based on the acquisition of knowledge having a competitive advantage in the relevant field. 

Risks-taking requires courage, but should be within the logical limits and implants responsibility for the consequences. 

Therefore,the firm's services in the business development & consultancy fields include, beyond technical support on
statutory matters related to the client's business, also a deep analysis of benefits and risks inherent in the project. 

The firm undertakes to provide consultancy and advice, with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and passion
for involvement in a new proje

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Our Services

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Accounting Services

  • Accounting services for independents,  
      individuals and companies.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Reviews, to the board of Directors, of the business acquisitions of the company.
  • Preparation of cash flow and follow up.
  • Finding funding sources.
  • Management of partnership relationship..
מיקור חוץ

Book Keeping Services

  • Accounting management for Companies and for Independents.
  • Book keeping management and services for Independents.
  • Ongoing consultancy.
  • Representation in front of Tax Authorities.
  • Production of Interim reports per demand.
  • Payroll and payroll consulting.
  • Further analysis per demand and/or per an existing Database.
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Accounting & Auditing

  • Audit.
  • Supporting, assisting and preparing financial reports to private companies, public companies
     and non-profit organizations in
     accordance with the International and
     American standards.
  • Verifying Accounting Due Diligence to companies in Israel and the Worldwide.
  • Consulting, guidance and handling the activities of independents and companies abroad.
  • Professional input and expert opinion on various matters to customers.  
יד לוחצת יד

Internal Tax Revenue Services for companies and independents

  • Representation in front of Tax Authorities.
  • Tax planning and practical consulting in various tax issues.
  • Investment and the Holding structure planning in Israel and abroad.
  • Ongoing consultation, including preparation for professional expertise.
תמונה של איש בחליפה, פלג גוף עליון מושך עם האצבע חץ זוהר למעלה להמחשת רווחיות

Business Incubator for Startups
and Business Entrepeneurship

  • One stop shop.
  • Multi-currency accounting and in English.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Interaction with private and governmental financial Funds.
  • Liaising with banks
  • Cash flow.
  • Business Development-makin presentations for investors and venture.
  • Capital funds.
  • Support andassistance in the Expor domain and in opening new market abroad Legal services and assistance.
  • Local and international Taxation consultation.
תמונת מאזניים מונחים על שולחן כשמאחור במטושטש יושב איש עסקים מול מחשב

Legal Services

  • Corporates.
  • Internal Tax Revenue.
  • VAT.
  • Real Estate Taxation.
  • International Taxation.
  • Customs and Purchase
  • Tax.
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